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We remediate the after-products of rodent infestation in attics.
We Remediate Attic Pest Contamination.
We Remove Old Insulation, Clean, Install New Insulation and Sanitize.
It is vitally important to not only exclude rodent entry in homes and businesses. The effects of rodents in an attic must also be cleaned and sanitized. Rodents leave behind disease-producing droppings and an unforgettable ‘rat’ odor.
Signature Home Pest Control - Attic Pest Contamination Remediation

Rodents Spread Diseases 

Mice and rodents carry and spread human-transmissible diseases.
Known diseases spread by rodents include murine typhus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis (food poisoning), rat-bite fever, and plague.
Rodents are also capable of transmitting a number of diseases to domestic animals; and are suspected in the transference of ecto-parasites from one place to another.
Signature Home Pest Control - Bay Area Insulation AttiCat Expanding Blown In Insulation R38

Signature Home Pest Attic Insulation Services

Our attic insulation services for rodent contamination include:
  • Remove old insulation.
  • Vacuum and remove all traces of rodents and rodent feces.
  • Install new the insulation.
  • We use R38 Owens-Corning AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Insulation.
  • Disinfect the entire attic with Odoban.

Our Attic Restoration Process with Owens-Corning AttiCat®

We use Owens-Corning AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Insulation, with an R Value of R38.
We use a fully enclosed blowing system emits little dust and allows for expansion of the insulation within the machine. The insulation is further conditioned throughout the length of the hose. More and more air pockets are added as the insulation bounces its way through the hose; increasing insulating power. Best of all, the insulation has virtually no settling over time, which means it maintains its R-value.
Savings of up to 20 per cent per year can be expected on heating and cooling costs. Environmentally, the product has one of the highest certified recycled content.
Owens-Corning AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In Insulation  is GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality; and verified to be formaldehyde free.

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