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Signature Home Pest Control - San Jose Bay Area Home, Business Rodent ControlThe best way to deal with rodent pests is to make sure they cannot gain entry into your house or business.

Signature Home Pest provides full rodent exclusion for homes or business. The most effective form of rat control in structures is exclusion.

That means inspecting the outside of your home and repairing holes even as small as a dime. Small openings are frequently found in roof flashing, behind gutters, in rotting fascia, foundation cracks, and tears in vent screens.

Rats damage structures and property. And, rat infestations can actually be dangerous.

Rats love to chew the insulation on electrical wires. If an electrical short occurs due to bare wires touching – fires can occur.

Rats are Expanding Rapidly in the Northern California Bay Area

Rats live and thrive in a wide variety of climates and conditions. The moderate climate in the Bay Area is ideal for the spread of rats, mice and rodents.

Mice can have litters of five or six babies every three weeks and rats can produce litters  up to 15 times per year. A single pregnant female rodent invading a home can create a large rodent invasion in no time.

Rodent Exclusion and Rodent Proofing

Signature Home Pest Control - Bay Area Mice, Rat, Rodent Exclusion for Homes, BusinessesThe most successful and long-lasting form of rat control in structures is exclusion, or “building them out.”

We seal cracks and openings in building foundations. This includes small openings around water pipes, electric wires, sewer pipes, drain spouts. All venting must be sealed.

To exclude both rats and mice, any opening larger than 1/4 inch must be sealed.

Rats and house mice are excellent climbers; all openings above ground level must be sealed.

We rodent proof for roof rats. Roof rats travel using overhead utility wires. Roof rats will often enter buildings at the roofline. We seal all access points in the roof area.

Contact us for assistance with exclusion measures for roof rats.

Signature Home Pest has a full range of options for rodent exclusion.

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